Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's the end.

Endings can be excruciatingly painful, can’t they?

Last Monday, I finally told Angie and Sean that I won’t be able to teach them anymore. (I have been teaching Sean for more than a year and though Angie and I had only been together for half a year, we’ve become really close). Boy, it was hard. The moment I told Angie about it, she almost got teary eyed. My heart was breaking at that very moment.
Recently, I also just ended (as you know) a very important uhm, relationship I’ve had for the past year. Breaking up with him was 1000 times more difficult that the goodbye I had to give Angie and Sean.

I still wake up crying everyday. I still (regularly) cry the moment the light turns off at night. I still cry when I walk with the moonlight at 4 every morning. My heart is still hurting. It is a difficult time in my life now. Sometimes, I just want to burst out in the middle of class and just cry all day.

But throughout all the pain, the Lord has been by my side all along. He sees every tear that drops. He was there to comfort me and remind me that He is in control and He knows what He is doing.

God is reminding me a very important lesson…. “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus”

Yes Lord. I shall fix my eyes on YOU.