Friday, May 30, 2008

Coffee Fellowship

I had such an awesome time last night with Omar, Pam, Macey and Tito --- (oh my, i forgot his name!). We had a night of kwento kwento and more kwento. I shared with them the "inside story" about what is going on in my life now and has been going on since last year. God moved Pam to pray for me (thank you Pam. really appreciate it). Omar drove me home too and got more of the "inside story" I can't thank God enough for last night!

Coffee Fellowship Night
about 9.30pm / every last Friday of the month
Free flowing coffee, music and kwentuhan!

Friday Night Movie (FREE)
7.30pm / every last Friday of the month
inspiring and encouraging movies that will move you!

CCF Alabang
Madrigal Business Park

I really encourage you to attend! If you have questions email me here or call CCF Alabang at 772-3035. Everyone is welcome. And i mean everyone (that includes you!)

Books to read...

I love Julie Ann Barnhill!

I've read her book Scandalous Grace and just finished another book of hers yesterday, Radical Forgiveness. They're truly must-reads!

Scandalous Grace (thank you Neng for lending me one and Mark for eventually giving me one last Christmas!) - this book is about just every woman like you and me who've hurt God whether small or BIG. It is about how much God loves us inspite of those "bad" things we have done. He still wants to offer you and me Scandalous Grace. You will definitely find yourself in the pages of this book.

Radical Forgiveness (again thank you Neng for lending me the book. i will return it tomorrow) - this is about how marvelous God's forgiveness is. It made me realize that indeed I need to forgive... 1.) those people (well in my case that one person!) who has hurt us so bad, 2.) forgive God for the things He has done or hasnt done in our lives, 3.) forgive ourselves for the super most stupidestest (have i said stupid yet?) thing we have done in the past. Wow, how liberating to finally forgive!

Fellow traveller

This is my place to breathe. Feel free to breathe too. I know we’ll be able to relate in one way or another. I know we’ll connect…

This is my place to learn. I’m sure I will learn a lot from you. Perhaps you’ve been there, done that. Or maybe I’ve been there, done that. I hope this learning place would help both you & me.

This is my place. This is your place. You can own it if you want.