Sunday, November 30, 2008

I love this day

Roughly an hour after I posted my message, I realized that I should be thankful that I went to work today. If I didn’t go to my classes today, it would trim down the numbers in my pay slip at the end of the month so I guess it’s a good thing since it’s double pay or 30% (I’m not sure) today. It isn’t all that bad anyway. Hahha.. just want to share (…and redeem myself for being so stubborn this morning) I just feel a lot better now than when I started my day. Thank you Jesus!

I hate this day

The whole Philippines is having a vacation today except all the teachers in our school! L It’s not what I am sad about. It’s the fact that I should have been in the retreat (Nov 29 to Dec 1) until now but I had to go home earlier yesterday noon because I have work today. I feel so so bad. And guess what?! 4 of my students today were absent. Come on! I should have been absent today instead too!!!

I tried to ask permission for a leave but I was declined. I tried again. Obviously, they didn’t allow me. That time, my quiet time was about ‘miracles’ and I was asking God how He could show me His miracle and God impressed in my heart about the retreat. Maybe God could allow some miracles so the management would allow me to take a day off on the last day of the retreat which is today, Monday.

I felt that I didn’t do my best explaining that my presence in the retreat was vital given that I’ll have a performance on the 1st night and will be hosting on the 2nd night and that I’m part of the Singles’ Core Team and the Retreat Core team too. I should have told them those. I already accepted defeat without trying my very best.

Lesson learned: Try try try. Don’t accept defeat until it’s over. Who knows? God can do miracles! (I wish I could bring back time)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

God’s wonders…

God never fails to touch my heart whenever I hear people’s testimony of God’s power in turning their lives around. God is truly in the business of changing lives. He can turn a sinner into a saint worshipping Him only.

I just finished reading 2 testimonies of people I work with in the ministry. I was so amazed at how God worked in their lives and allowed them to have a complete turn around! Like what the Bible says, “I am a new creation!”

I was reminded of God’s grace. I was reminded of how God has delivered me from the pain of the past and even the pain of the present. His love and mercy keeps me alive!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Job 37

It helps to know that God is majestic and that God is in control of everything.

I'm glad to have You!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I long to meet you. I long to see your face. When I read your love letters, it makes me feel even more excited to spend the rest of my life with you.

I received a letter from Nathalie. It was great hearing about how You are working in their lives. I wonder what it would be like if I was there. It reminded me of the simple life You had me experience while I was in that far away place… Would You like me to come back?

Monday, November 3, 2008


October has been a very very very busy month. Have I said I was busy in October? Well, got classes here and there. (and again… no complaints! Just airing my mmm whatever you call it!)
I’m happier now than weeks ago. It has been stressful. I don’t know.. mood swings.. PMS… clinical depression. I have no idea! But glad it was over. My life is starting to be back to normal again (somehow). Hey, got my request approved. Full time na ko sa duzon yehey!
That’s all the update I have for now!

(corny.. haha.. will try to update some more next time)