Sunday, November 30, 2008

I hate this day

The whole Philippines is having a vacation today except all the teachers in our school! L It’s not what I am sad about. It’s the fact that I should have been in the retreat (Nov 29 to Dec 1) until now but I had to go home earlier yesterday noon because I have work today. I feel so so bad. And guess what?! 4 of my students today were absent. Come on! I should have been absent today instead too!!!

I tried to ask permission for a leave but I was declined. I tried again. Obviously, they didn’t allow me. That time, my quiet time was about ‘miracles’ and I was asking God how He could show me His miracle and God impressed in my heart about the retreat. Maybe God could allow some miracles so the management would allow me to take a day off on the last day of the retreat which is today, Monday.

I felt that I didn’t do my best explaining that my presence in the retreat was vital given that I’ll have a performance on the 1st night and will be hosting on the 2nd night and that I’m part of the Singles’ Core Team and the Retreat Core team too. I should have told them those. I already accepted defeat without trying my very best.

Lesson learned: Try try try. Don’t accept defeat until it’s over. Who knows? God can do miracles! (I wish I could bring back time)

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