Monday, December 8, 2008


I don’t think Sean will ever read this blog so I’ll go talk about him again. He hated this classmate of his named Na Young because she kept on telling the whole world that Sean likes her. Sean was really pissed off and wouldn’t talk to her since. He would avoid her and show Na Young that he hates her. I told Sean to forgive Na Young and you can imagine this boy yelling “NO WAY! I HATE HER!”

In my heart, I know that God was speaking to me. Sean and I are in the same page. I also hate a woman I used to consider a close friend. I haven’t forgiven her since that day she arrogantly dismissed my sweet smile. I wish it was so easy to forgive her for being so abusive with her words but it is just not that easy. I hate her so bad. I can’t even afford to look at her face for more that 5 seconds. I want to vomit. God always reminds me of how He had forgiven me of the horrible things that I have done. But… I don’t know, I just don’t know how to forgive her. No matter how many times I read any verse about forgiveness, I just can’t stand forgiving her.

And him… I thought I had forgiven him. I still think of him as an ass. I can’t forgive what he has done to me. Whenever I think of him... I imagine a scene where I would slap his face till it gets as red as strawberry. (That’s mean!)

Imprisoned. Unhappy. Frustrated.

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