Monday, April 20, 2009

Book Review

Some books I’ve read in the past months.

The Wedding By Nicolas Sparks.
Not so many people like this book. They say it’s not romantic. I say that it’s just realistic. We do lose the feeling as time progresses. Love in itself if defined correctly which for me is commitment will last but the feeling won’t. There will always be a time when you won’t “feel” the love or spark that you used to have for your sweetheart. And this book is all about that. It’s a journey about a husband who somewhat forgot about the most important human relationship he’s got – his wife. And so, he spent a great deal of time to make up for the lost “time.” Don’t drop the book until the end! You won’t appreciate it when you give up soon! I cried in most pages… I can relate.

*I borrowed this book from Princess. (Thanks Prinz)

Fireproof (novelization by Eric Wilson)
Directors: Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick
Most novels are turned into books but this is the other way around. This is a movie turned into a book. I can’t tell you what I like more because both the movie and the book are great.
It’s a bit slow paced and would make you yawn at some pages but it made me cry big time in the end! It’s a beautiful novel. I don’t want to be a spoiler but there are some scenes in the book that isn’t in the movie so better watch the movie first and then read the book.
The story is about a fireman and his wife who’s having a difficulty in their marriage to the point of wanting a divorce. Another realistic story about ‘feelings fading.’ You’ll learn a lot! MUST READ! MUST WATCH!

*I borrowed this book from my brother.

Boy by Roald Dahl
You’ll find this book in the Children’s section. Heheh.. This book is about the childhood of the children’s writer Roald Dalh. It’s filled with a lot of hilarious episodes and jaw breaking incidents like getting an operation without anesthesia in their dining table or being operated by a drunk doctor... beat that! It’s nice to know where a writer is coming from.

*I borrowed this book from my student.

Think Rich Quick By Trace Trajano and Larry Gamboa
This book was born I think a couple of years after Dr. Larry Gamboa wrote “Think Rich Pinoy.” Trace gave real examples of his deals in real estate (in USA) without money cash out! And yes, it can be done in the Philippines. (I’m doing it now) He added 2 stories of women who did it here. So why can’t we? I began to understand real estate better.

*In fairness, ako na bumili ng book na to. Heheh.

Grow Rich Pinoy By Larry Gamboa
I was not able to grasp the entire book because I only read it in about 5 hours while watching TV hehe (bad idea). What made it different from “Think Rich Pinoy” is that Grow Rich has more concepts and principles. TRP has a lot of real examples, computations, templates etc.

*I borrowed this book from Ebb.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George
I LOVE IT! It’s a must read for every wife and mother and single women who is about to get married. It is full of verses and practical examples on how to apply the Proverbs 31 woman and the woman that God designed us to be. You should be able to apply them after reading it or you just wasted your time! Please read this!

*I borrowed this book from Ms. Sonia.

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