Saturday, June 21, 2008

I’m back

I’m back to being myself, finally!

During my journey in the desert, I kept praying “Lord, bring me back to being me. I want to be Viviene again.”

And last night, I finally heard myself laugh for the first time and I mean really laugh! I have a very distinct laughter so it’s always easy to figure out if I’m present in an event or not. Or if you are trying to find me in the crowd, it’s easy to spot me. Just listen to my voice (to my laughter to be exact) and there you will find me!

I cracked a joke that made Mara really laugh hard. She said, “Oh my Viviene. You are really back. It’s good to see you around again!” I somewhat detached myself from the world for quite some time.

Two nights ago, Dr. Larry said before we parted after the Toastmasters meeting, “It’s good to see you more regularly now.” I always have a lot of alibi for not attending our meetings.

And check out my room now… My room is a very accurate gauge of my emotional condition. I never allow my room to be messy. It’s my space and I want it neat and clean at all times! And when I am upset, disappointed or depressed I assure you, my room is no different from a jungle! LOL

I’m so happy to finally be back! Yehey! It’s nice to visibly see that I’m going back to a normal life.

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