Thursday, July 3, 2008

Next in line...

I was supposed to grab a book for Trevor (my student) yesterday but Manga Messiah was out of stock already so I just went around and checked out some books.

These are some nice books I found (and planning to buy next pay day ~wink~)

1. Xtreme Faith True Stories of teens on a sacred journey by Kelly Carr
*i think this book is really interesting. well, its for teens but i bet all can learn from their stories!

2. What Makes a Winner by Whit Criswell
*the title says it all! what makes a winner!

3. A Wife After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George
*I don't think I'll wait to become a wife before i read this book. i wanna know what i should do before i get there!

4. Relationships How to make bad relationships better and good relationships great by Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott
*it comes with a workbook so i think it would be nice to buy it and read it with your partner.

Visiting a bookstore is always a nice experience!


pinoysaint said...

hey vivi!!! how's my partner in crime doing?! ~ havent updated our blog huh?!

just hang around and keep in touch ayt?!


ps.regards to to your future hubby (oopps)

viviene said...

hey roy.. its so nice to hear from you. yeah. i need to do some updating.. i have not updated my blog in 10 years again! haha...

i miss you bro! how's fe? how's the little one?

regards to both of them..