Friday, August 1, 2008

After 10 years!

I can't remember the last time I posted. Hehehe... So many things happened between the last time I posted till now (malamang, that's like 10 years in between)!

Nothing so important and urgent. Just wanted to say that my blog is still alive. Hehe..

I'm enjoying the rain. I've been wearing long sleeves for at least a week already. I look so professional; I think it's cool. I don't look 21. I look... maybe 27 or 28. :p (For the record, I'm 24. And look 21 when I'm in jeans and 28 when I'm in long sleeves!)

Geesh.. just got a news from Mrs Lee. I got no classes from weds onwards. When will I have my next class? I dont know! Wahhh.. Zero balance na naman ATM ko. Hehe.. I froze when Mrs Lee told me that but well, I know things happen for a reason. Like what James told me yesterday, don't get through things just because, let your reason be "to glorify God" in everything. God be glorified in this time of stress and financial drought! ;p i love you Jesus!

that's all..

till next post!

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