Monday, February 9, 2009

I almost touched the moon

Yesterday, I saw the moon face to face. I don’t care whether you think I’m lunatic or what but I just saw the moon. It was so close that I could touch it! The moment I saw it, I just stopped in the middle of the street staring at that big thing in the sky and started crying and crying until I got to the office. How in the world can anybody “create” a moon??? Now, tell me honestly. If I give you a million dollars, would you be able to “create” a moon?!

When I was young, I am always amazed every time I see tall buildings. I just think that it is amazing. Even now, when I see buildings at the window of our break room, I am still in awe at how magnificent the buildings around are. Who takes credit of these buildings? “My dad was the architect of that building” Someone takes credit of that. And how about the moon? Who takes credit of that thing in the sky?? None! None but God! It was just sooo amazing to realize how awesome God is! He is the only One who can create the moon, sun, stars, the entire universe!

Do you believe in God? If you care about your life and the life after your life here on earth, allow me to share with you one very important message… “God loves you and died in the cross for your sins” I know that long ago you might say. I understand. I knew that too long ago but did not do anything about it. If you love Jesus, how are you showing it? Trying hard to be good? God wants your heart. Your whole heart! I invite you to talk to God tonight and ask Him forgiveness for all the wrong things that you have done in your life. Ask Him to help you turn away from it and that from this day forward you will follow His ways. Let Him be your Lord and Savior.

If you got a Bible at home, read it everyday. Read God’s love letter to you.

Look around. See God’s magnificence through His creation and remember God every time you see the moon…

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