Sunday, February 1, 2009

Prayer of a child

Last week in the middle of class, Sean asked me “Teacher, when can we pray?” I said we could pray anytime – the moment we wake up, before we eat, while walking, anytime! He reminded me that I told him to pray before he sleeps so he thought that was the only time we could pray.

I sensed that something was bothering this little boy so I inquired some more. “Why? Is there anything you want to pray about?”

He didn’t answer immediately. “Well, yeah. My friend and I fought.”

I just smiled and asked, “Would you like to pray now?” He just looked at me without saying anything but his eyes were shouting a big “YES”

So, we closed our eyes and prayed. It was like there was a certain feeling of relief in Sean’s eyes after I prayed for him.

The next day…

“Teacher! God answered our prayer! We are friends again! Thank you” =) My heart was smiling, “God, that was sure sweet. Thank you for restoring their friendship”

On the same day while having class, he noticed that I was not as energetic as I always do. He asked me what was wrong. I told him I had canker sore and my teeth cracked (literally) and it was really painful (too painful that I couldn’t concentrate so much in class). And this is what he said…

“Teacher, we have to pray…” (I almost cried)

“Can you pray for me?” I said. Then, he led a prayer to our Abba Father to heal my pain.

One of the sweetest prayers I ever heard.

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